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A Subversive Mentality

Love love love Subversive Jewelry by Justin Giunta. Maybe that’s because I interned for him and had a blast or maybe just because his designs are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. Either way there is no denying his artistic genius and there is definitely no denying that his Fall 2009 collection, Hard Twines, is currently at the top of my wishlist.

Not to mention his collaborations with designers Rachel Roy and Gilles Mendel on their Fall 2009 collections proved to be in a class all their own.

Justin’s eco-conscious designs are all made from vintage or recycled pieces making the old new and chic again.


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All Eyes on eBay

I love these vintage poison locket rings. Some are encrusted with crystals and pearls. Others have large gemstones. All open up to reveal a tiny space inside the ring to conceal . . . whatever.


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John Wood=Truly Inspiring Photography

John Wood is quite possibly the coolest artist since . . . well . . . the other John Wood (a 19th century English painter who made a name for himself with his oil landscapes). 

The work of the contemporary John Wood, a mixed media and photo collage artist, spans 5 decades. A comprehensive exhibit, “On the Edge of Meaning”, showcasing his work will open at the New York University Grey Art Gallery on May 12, 2009. So exciting! Here’s a sneak peak:

John Wood 1
John Wood 2

(Photos via Visual Studies Workshop)

On the Grey Art Gallery website, the artist is quoted saying:

“I cut through several mediums. I do go through a whole range of things. I’ll do one thing, then that will lead to another, then to another. It’s hard for me to say where things stop. I’ll make a collage which leads to a montage which leads to the next thing and so on … my objects are always going through different transformations.” – John Wood

Is anyone else intrigued by his work?

More to come after the opening on May 12!

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