About The Author

I am a full time student living in New York City. I can’t live without magazines, lattes, and my wonderfully supportive friends. I’m currently studying journalism and art history, although what that means after college is a mystery to me. Any suggestions? 

My heart belongs to:

Fashion – dresses, jeans, and shoes – Oh My!
Art – I love it all: the pioneers, the tweakers, and the followers.
Paolo – my cactus, a beloved present from a beloved best friend.


3 responses to “About The Author

  1. Suzanne

    I must say I’m quite impressed little New Yorker. Since high school we have both come so far, maturing and growing into young women ready to take on the world. Life after NYU holds so much in store for you. The love and dedication you put in to your work amazes and inspires me. Reach for the stars, even if they come in tattoo form. I love you, and will always cherish you my beloved best friend ❤ Keep Paolo in that sweet sunshine.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

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