John Wood=Truly Inspiring Photography

John Wood is quite possibly the coolest artist since . . . well . . . the other John Wood (a 19th century English painter who made a name for himself with his oil landscapes). 

The work of the contemporary John Wood, a mixed media and photo collage artist, spans 5 decades. A comprehensive exhibit, “On the Edge of Meaning”, showcasing his work will open at the New York University Grey Art Gallery on May 12, 2009. So exciting! Here’s a sneak peak:

John Wood 1
John Wood 2

(Photos via Visual Studies Workshop)

On the Grey Art Gallery website, the artist is quoted saying:

“I cut through several mediums. I do go through a whole range of things. I’ll do one thing, then that will lead to another, then to another. It’s hard for me to say where things stop. I’ll make a collage which leads to a montage which leads to the next thing and so on … my objects are always going through different transformations.” – John Wood

Is anyone else intrigued by his work?

More to come after the opening on May 12!


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All Eyes on eBay

Grunge-tastic! I have a growing need for some combat boots. Any of these will do (Love the Ann Demeulemeester’s on the right and the Mike & Chris on the left):


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A Quick Venture to Brooklyn & Back

The Brooklyn Museum (just off the #2 train) is a favorite stop of mine, although a tad bit out of the way. Everything about the place is so relaxing and inspiring: the landscape, the architecture, not to mention the beautiful pieces inside. And so, on a brisk Saturday in February, I found myself once again swinging open those familiar glass doors. 

Immediately, I was struck by the huge, terrifyingly depressing and yet elegantly beautiful Rodin sculptures contrasted with the modernist, open, glass entry. 


The Pianist's Hand


Once inside, I was fascinated by this disintegrating canvas entitled Fallen Bierstadt by contemporary American artist Valerie Hegarty.


Fallen Bierstadt


And of course – this Bauhaus chair, which reminds me of an old friend of mine whose father is an architect. Her parents owned a couple of these chairs and as a 12-yr-old I thought what great fun it would be to climb on it. Needless to say, my friend and I were chewed out to the point of nausea. My only option now is to buy my own and sit, or lay, or climb on however I please. (Although I do appreciate the beauty of this chair much more than I did then)


Until next time, my dear museum, until next time.

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The Land of Oz

Fashion week in New York is officially over. Now for a look back at some trends and my top American picks and then it’s off to Britannia. COLOR! It was interesting to see how the economy has shaped many designers’ collections this season. Some began on a somber note with dark neutrals, black, and grey. Yet others, like Marc Jacobs and Matthew Williamson stayed true to their whimsical personas and presented us with colorful gems that seemed to scoff at any claims of a recession.

Chris Benz F/W 09:

Chris BenzChris BenzChris Benz

Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 09:


Matthew Williamson F/W/09: Colors moving from sunrise to sunset. 


Matthew Williamsonmw3mw4


Look at the way Thakoon and Richard Chai approach the fur-trimmed coat from totally different angles . . .



. . . or a similar approach to the structured coat done by two completely different labels, Jil Sander and DKNY:


Jil Sanderdkny

A few collections I loved inside and out (I love my neutrals oh so much):

Derek Lam F/W 09:


Jenni Kayne F/W 09:


Yigal Azrouël F/W 09:


And who can resist a little Vivienne Westwood?


That’s all for now – can’t wait for Paris & Milan! I have become a slave to

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All Eyes on eBay

Helmut Lang blocked sweater. Cool styling and modeling.

Click on image for eBay listing.

Click on image for eBay listing.

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NYC’s Own Zorro

Just recently I discovered Poster Boy NYC. Have you seen him? The masked man roams around the city’s subways cutting and pasting wall posters transforming them into public art. To me, his poignant work has a kind of crude beauty and his social commentary is right on the money.

'Dunkin' Dummy' by Poster Boy NYC

'Dunkin' Dummy' by Poster Boy NYC

Why then is he being hunted by the police and locked up like a common criminal? Because he is vandalizing public property. Is his work illegal? Admittedly, yes. But is it wrong? I would rather call it a freedom of speech; a freedom of art.

'Diversity' by Poster Boy NYC

'Diversity' by Poster Boy NYC

Check out Poster Boy on YouTube

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To T or Not To T?

Diffusion Line by Alexander Wang

The ‘IT’ boy of fashion award for the past couple of seasons would definitely have to be given to Alexander Wang. The love child of Hanes and Helmut Lang pumps out comfortable, edgy clothes for every downtown hipster (or wannabe). In Wang’s ensembles she looks as if last night’s club clothes and her pajamas somehow ended up in the same outfit – and it works. The only problem? $$$$.

Imagine my excitement, then, for a lower priced diffusion line that hit stores the beginning of this month.  The feathery soft tank and t-shirt dress are pulling at my heartstrings. But in this economy, who can afford a $75 tank top even if it is deliriously comfortable? And the dilemma continues . . .

T by Alexander Wang

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