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John Wood=Truly Inspiring Photography

John Wood is quite possibly the coolest artist since . . . well . . . the other John Wood (a 19th century English painter who made a name for himself with his oil landscapes). 

The work of the contemporary John Wood, a mixed media and photo collage artist, spans 5 decades. A comprehensive exhibit, “On the Edge of Meaning”, showcasing his work will open at the New York University Grey Art Gallery on May 12, 2009. So exciting! Here’s a sneak peak:

John Wood 1
John Wood 2

(Photos via Visual Studies Workshop)

On the Grey Art Gallery website, the artist is quoted saying:

“I cut through several mediums. I do go through a whole range of things. I’ll do one thing, then that will lead to another, then to another. It’s hard for me to say where things stop. I’ll make a collage which leads to a montage which leads to the next thing and so on … my objects are always going through different transformations.” – John Wood

Is anyone else intrigued by his work?

More to come after the opening on May 12!

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