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Joy Gryson: Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Gryson and her first hit, the Olivia bag. Photo via The NY Times

I’ve never heard of someone so aptly named as handbag designer Joy Gryson. The former designer at Marc Jacobs — now have I got your attention — creates well-crafted, versatile leather handbags known to generate long-term joy in the owner. Not to mention they are just so pretty to look at.

Two years ago, I bought a new Olivia in a gorgeous blush tone with silver hardware on eBay at half-price and just last fall I snagged a black leather Baladyne with silver details for a third of the price — a last chance deal from Indianapolis luxury boutique Frankey’s infamous sale room.


This very Baladyne sparked a subway conversation the other day when a stranger approached me on the F to ask if it was indeed the sold-out Gryson. To which I of course responded that it was, while shocked and excited by the instant camaraderie of the Gryson group. However, my fellow junkie informed me that the handbag house is no more.

I can’t believe it. I don’t believe it because it is not true. After a little Googling of my own, I found that the designer has created a new line called Olivia Harris, inspired by her daughter. Check it out on ShopBop.


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