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A Quick Venture to Brooklyn & Back

The Brooklyn Museum (just off the #2 train) is a favorite stop of mine, although a tad bit out of the way. Everything about the place is so relaxing and inspiring: the landscape, the architecture, not to mention the beautiful pieces inside. And so, on a brisk Saturday in February, I found myself once again swinging open those familiar glass doors. 

Immediately, I was struck by the huge, terrifyingly depressing and yet elegantly beautiful Rodin sculptures contrasted with the modernist, open, glass entry. 


The Pianist's Hand


Once inside, I was fascinated by this disintegrating canvas entitled Fallen Bierstadt by contemporary American artist Valerie Hegarty.


Fallen Bierstadt


And of course – this Bauhaus chair, which reminds me of an old friend of mine whose father is an architect. Her parents owned a couple of these chairs and as a 12-yr-old I thought what great fun it would be to climb on it. Needless to say, my friend and I were chewed out to the point of nausea. My only option now is to buy my own and sit, or lay, or climb on however I please. (Although I do appreciate the beauty of this chair much more than I did then)


Until next time, my dear museum, until next time.

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